Minnow Sizes

4# Minnow

This is a minnow that runs approximately 250/lb. This minnow goes through a 16 grader and stays above a 14 grader.

6# Minnow

This is our best selling minnow, a favorite of Crappie fishermen everywhere. It runs approximately 167/lb. We grade this minnow between a 19 and a 16 grader.

8# Minnow

This minnow runs approximately 125/lb and goes through a 20 grader and stays above an 18 grader.

12# Minnow

A long time favorite for bass fishermen. This size runs approximately 83/lb. We normally sell this minnow between a 23 and a 20 grader.

20# Minnow

This minnow runs 50/lb. We normally sell this minnow between a 25 and 23 grader. At certain times of the year we drop to a 21 on the bottom side. This is normally in the middle of the summer when the larger sizes of shiners are in short supply

30# Minnow

The 30# minnow has become increasingly popular in the last decade. It has also become increasingly difficult to grow. We offer 2 sizes of 30’s. One size is above a 25 grader and one is above a 27 grader with the larger fish being slightly more expensive. Potential customers should call for availability of this size shiner.

Rosy Reds and Tuffies

We offer both of these species in bait sizes as well as “feeder” sizes. Our bait size fish are normally graded between a 20 grader and a 14 grader. Our feeder sizes are below a 13 grader.

All of our sizes listed above are for guidelines only. We will grade to fit your needs as a customer. Just check with William and tell him what works best for you. (Prices may vary slightly with different grades)