Our farm is located on 1800 acres around the town of DeValls Bluff, Arkansas. At first glance, it is easy to tell our farm is different than your average aquaculture operation. The landscape is very different than the flat ground where most ponds are normally built. We are actually built on a lot of “hills and hollows”.

The landscape has provided a lot of challenges to our family in the last 50 years. As a result, our ponds have been very expensive to develop. Rather than leave our roots, or give in to the landscape; we changed a negative into an asset.

Due to the nature of elevation changes on our farm we invested a substantial amount of time, work, pipe, and money into reshaping and redeveloping our farm. As a result, we have a farm with several positive attributes which can’t be found anywhere else.

1) Water Reuse

Many of our ponds are built to be harvested in cycles. This stair step function enables us to reuse water several times through the use of “crossover pipes” (a pipe between two ponds which enables water to be gravity fed from one pond to the other). With the aid of DKA enterprises we have installed pumping stations at the bottom of these stair steps so we can use our water resources more efficiently.

Harry Saul Minnow Farm

2) Well Water

During this reconstruction we were able to put well water to all of our harvest sumps. This enables us to harvest fish in the summer without stressing the fish. In turn, providing the consumer with a higher quality product.

3) Pond Aeration

During this reconstruction, we installed aeration systems in all of our ponds. This doesn’t increase our ponds production, but it does decrease the chance of catastrophic die-offs in the summer. As well as, provides a reliable way to harvest fish in the summer heat without stress.

4) Gravel

We have one of the most extensive gravel levee systems in our industry. As a result, we are able to harvest our products regardless of what mother nature throws our way.