Do you want to grow Big Bass?

Do you have a fishing pond on your property that isn't fulfilling its potential?

Are your bass not growing as big as you would like?

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Forage Fish

Every year we talk to several people who are very disappointed with the production of their recreational fishing ponds. The majority of complaints deal with sluggish bass growth. Often times, we hear their bass have reached 1-2 pounds and seem to have hit a wall; another common problem is under-nourished bass which appear skinny. These problems can be caused by a variety of factors, but the one most common is lack of forage fish. Bass are such prolific predators they can destroy the food chain in a pond, especially a clean fishing pond that lacks an adequate amount of cover.

Most ponds work on a model similar to this: A prey fish species is stocked in the pond; often times this is crappie, bluegill, or fathead minnows. The hope is that this species will continue to spawn and reproduce at a high enough rate to provide adequate food for the bass population to grow. Without a doubt, this is the cheapest most efficient way to grow bass; however it depends on a lot of variables which can lead to wasted years if things get out of balance. In a large amount of today's fish ponds the bass have over-predated their prey species. This can happen due to a variety of factors: overstocking of bass, understocking of forage species, lack of cover for the forage species. Once the population of the forage species has been lowered to a certain point the balance of the pond ecosystem is destroyed leading to poor bass growth. If this is the situation you find yourself in we have the answer. By buying forage fish to feed the bass you can stimulate bass growth and achieve your goals of trophy bass. This technique is expensive and not for everyone, but if you want to see explosive bass growth and not deal with the magic of trying to balance forage species to your bass population;buying our forage fish may be your answer. Bass consume somewhere between 5-10 pounds for every pound of growth. Bass growth rates vary considerably but we are consistently seeing 2-3 pounds of growth per year by providing adequate food.

If you would like to see your bass grow at similar rates contact us at (870) 998 2585 to speak with us about your situation. We will get some information from you about your pond, its fish population, your goals and your location, then we will formulate a plan to achieve those goals. We offer delivery to a large portion of the United States. Obviously, delivery costs vary substantially depending on location.

Key Points
-Bass growth is dependent on adequate forage.
-Balancing the Predator/Prey populations in an enclosed eco-system is a difficult scenario
-Adding adequate forage fish can stimulate bass growth and speed trophy bass production
-Our product can be delivered right to your pond
-Certified free of certain diseases and nuisance species