In 2000, we started one of the most challenging projects in the history of Harry Saul Minnow Farm. In order to provide the highest quality product at the volume we needed to sell to stay in business, we felt it was necessary to build a facility capable of meeting our needs.

As a result, we are now occupying a 30,000+ sq. ft. facility where our customers can load their water, their ice, their minnows, and get their ticket all under one roof and out of the weather. We manage this vat facility to ensure the customer gets a product which is fresh, the proper size, and is the highest quality. We feel it is imperative for our survival; for our customers to get a product which they can profit from. In order for that to happen, our minnows have to be the correct size and good quality. We have taken several steps to provide that type of bait.

Water Quality Facility1) Water quality

Many things have changed in the minnow business in 50 years, but some things haven’t. You have to have clean water and oxygen for a fish to thrive the way we need it too. As a result, through the help of DKA Enterprises, we have installed an extensive filtration system. We use multiple wells to ensure an abundant supply of water; Followed by two cooling towers to aerate the water. The water then sits in two settling basins to allow iron to leave the water. Then our water goes through a system of sand filters to finish cleaning the water. As a result, our water is extremely low in iron resulting in a much higher quality fish.

Oxygen Facility2) Oxygen

We use air stones to provide oxygen to our fish. We also use oxygen saturators to improve the oxygen level in our vats. As a result, the oxygen readings in our vats run between 90-100% of saturation. This provides a low stress environment for our minnows creating a higher quality product for our customers.

Grader Panels3) Grader Panels

We strive to give our customers the size fish which best meets his/her needs. In order to do this we built all new grader panels and screens to ensure we can provide the best and most consistent grade of fish in the industry.