We have a variety of hauling trucks to meet your needs. We can accomodate loads from 600 pounds up to 6000 pound loads and everything in between. Fish hauling is a delicate balance of science and common sense. The truth of the matter is, not much has changed since Harry started this business in the early 1950s.

1) Temperature—Water temperature is one of the most important factors in successfully hauling fish. It is important to haul fish in cool water. Fish handle better and can be hauled at higher densities in cool water. One point of concern, resulting from hauling fish in cool water is temperature shock. A person has to be careful not to change the temperature of a fish’s environment too far in too short a time. This is a factor in both the loading and unloading of the fish. Fish haulers should manage their water temperatures to match the holding tank temperatures on both the loading and unloading locations. Ice is available on site for temperature control.

2) Good Water– It is imperative to transfer these fish in water free from iron. We have gone to great extents to remove iron from our water.

3) Oxygen- Everyone knows fish need oxygen to survive, but not everyone knows too much oxygen can be deadly while hauling fish. It is crucial to have the proper amount of oxygen provided for the fish. Another critical aspect is clean diffusers.

4) Good Minnows– In order to successfully haul minnows you have to start with a good product. The best minnow hauler in the world can’t successfully haul a poor quality fish. For a fish to haul successfully it needs to be “swam out”. In short, the fish has to have been in the vat long enough for its system to be flushed out. If the fish wasn’t given enough time ammonia will build up and cause fish mortality.

5) Density– There are obviously limits to how many fish a person can haul successfully. This depends on a variety of factors including the size of the fish, length of transport, temperature, and box size.

We have hauling options available. In order for us to quote you a price on hauling we need certain bits of information.

1) Location

2) Quantity and Size

3) Frequency of trips

Please call us for a price quote to your location.
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